Changes Report

Release History

Version Date Description
0.1 2008-09-19  
0.1.1 2009-01-16  
0.2 2009-03-05  
0.3 2009-04-09  
0.3.1 2009-07-13  
0.4 2009-07-21  
0.5 2009-07-28  
0.5.1 2009-07-28  
0.5.2 2009-09-28  
0.5.3 2009-10-09  
0.6 2009-10-23  
0.7 2009-11-08  
0.8 2009-11-12  
0.8.1 2009-11-18  
0.9 2009-12-05  
0.10-rc1 2009-12-21  
0.10-rc2 2010-01-25  
0.10 2011-03-12  
0.10.1 2011-12-10  
0.10.2 2011-12-26  
0.11 2011-12-30  
0.12 2012-01-01  
0.12.1 2012-01-02  
0.12.2 2012-01-06  
0.13 InGit  

Release 0.1 – 2008-09-19

Type Changes By
Add Limit/offset support slonopotamus
Add Spring custom namespace tags for easy configuration slonopotamus

Release 0.1.1 – 2009-01-16

Type Changes By
Add Arbitrary method return types. slonopotamus
Update Updated Spring to 2.5.6. slonopotamus

Release 0.2 – 2009-03-05

Type Changes By
Add Named query parameters. slonopotamus

Release 0.3 – 2009-04-09

Type Changes By
Update Updated Hibernate to 3.3.1.GA. slonopotamus

Release 0.3.1 – 2009-07-13

Type Changes By
Update Updated Spring to 2.5.6.SEC01. slonopotamus
Update Updated slf4j to 1.5.8. slonopotamus

Release 0.4 – 2009-07-21

Type Changes By
Add Added IntelliJ IDEA @Null/@NotNull annotations to DAO interface. slonopotamus
Add Named parameter now can be a primitive list or collection. If it is, org.hibernate.Query.setParameterList is used. slonopotamus

Release 0.5 – 2009-07-28

Type Changes By
Update @Limit/@Offset are no longer required to be last parameters. slonopotamus
Add Added @Finder.returnAs, allowing custom list method return types. slonopotamus
Add Added @Finder.queryName for custom query names. slonopotamus
Add Added @Finder.query for inplace queries. slonopotamus
Add Finder is no longer required to have "find*" name pattern. You can use @Finder annotations on a method to mark it as finder. slonopotamus

Release 0.5.1 – 2009-07-28

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed regression so old finder methods can declare java.util.Collection as return type. slonopotamus

Release 0.5.2 – 2009-09-28

Type Changes By
Update Updated commons-collections to 3.2.1. slonopotamus

Release 0.5.3 – 2009-10-09

Type Changes By
Update Updated hibernate-core to 3.3.2.GA. slonopotamus

Release 0.6 – 2009-10-23

Type Changes By
Add Added QueryArgumentTransformer API. slonopotamus
Add Added default QueryArgumentTransformer implementation with Joda-time support. slonopotamus

Release 0.7 – 2009-11-08

Type Changes By
Update Refined QueryArgumentTransformer API. slonopotamus
Update Deprecated pre-@Finder find* methods. slonopotamus
Add User guide. slonopotamus
Update Removed broken DaoFactory stuff. slonopotamus

Release 0.8 – 2009-11-12

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed AspectJ interoperability by avoiding Class.forName during context parsing. slonopotamus
Add DAO interface no longer needs to inherit from net.sf.autodao.Dao. slonopotamus
Update Dropped pre-@Finder find* methods support. slonopotamus
Add Added <dao:hibernateScan/> automagic DAO discovery. slonopotamus

Release 0.8.1 – 2009-11-18

Type Changes By
Add DAOs are now wrapped with transactional advice with propagation=MANDATORY. slonopotamus
Update No longer expose FinderIntroductionAdvisor as a bean in Spring context. slonopotamus
Add Added "transaction-manager" attribute to Spring tags to customise PlatformTransactionManager bean name. slonopotamus

Release 0.9 – 2009-12-05

Type Changes By
Add Added SQL query support via @Finder.sqlQuery. Fixes 2904349. slonopotamus
Add Added named SQL query support via @Finder.sqlQueryName. slonopotamus
Add Added parameters checking (number of indexed parameters and number/names of named parameters). slonopotamus

Release 0.10-rc1 – 2009-12-21

Type Changes By
Add Added method parameter types checking. slonopotamus
Update Moved everything except for public API in 'impl' package, extracted AbstractDaoFactoryBean. slonopotamus
Update Switched to Apache license. slonopotamus

Release 0.10-rc2 – 2010-01-25

Type Changes By
Fix Regression: allow any subclass of ReadableInstant to be specified as finder method argument. slonopotamus

Release 0.10 – 2011-03-12

Type Changes By
Update Updated joda-time to 1.6.2. slonopotamus
Update Updated slf4j to 1.6.1. slonopotamus
Update Updated Spring to 3.0.5.RELEASE. slonopotamus
Fix Fixed compatibility with Spring >= 3.0.4. Fixes 3154570. slonopotamus

Release 0.10.1 – 2011-12-10

Type Changes By
Fix java.lang.Object methods (toString, hashCode, equals) called on AutoDao proxies no longer require a running transaction. slonopotamus

Release 0.10.2 – 2011-12-26

Type Changes By
Update Updated Spring to 3.1.0.RELEASE. slonopotamus
Update Updated slf4j to 1.6.4. slonopotamus
Update Updated joda-time to 2.0. slonopotamus
Update Updated IntelliJ IDEA annotations to 9.0.4. slonopotamus

Release 0.11 – 2011-12-30

Type Changes By
Add Introduced Hibernate 4 support. slonopotamus
Update Dropped dependency on sfl4j. slonopotamus

Release 0.12 – 2012-01-01

Type Changes By
Add Introduced JPA support. slonopotamus

Release 0.12.1 – 2012-01-02

Type Changes By
Add Added init-time JPA query validation. slonopotamus

Release 0.12.2 – 2012-01-06

Type Changes By
Fix DAO methods again convert exceptions from underlying ORM to Spring exception hierarchy (broke in a4718bb98b2f38aab824a388c94a2bf12c6d2728) slonopotamus

Release 0.13 – InGit

Type Changes By
Update Updated Joda-time to 2.9.9 slonopotamus
Update Updated Groovy to 2.5.0-beta-1 slonopotamus
Update Updated intellij-annotations to 13.0 slonopotamus
Update Updated commons-logging to 1.2 slonopotamus
Update Updated Hibernate to 4.3.5.Final slonopotamus
Update Updated Spring to 4.3.10.RELEASE slonopotamus
Update Now Java 8+ is required slonopotamus